Our Mission Statement:

Through careful promotion and wise development we vow to come together respecting one another's views, and work as a team towards the good of our chosen breed. We aim to educate owners, breeders, as well as the general public on the uniqueness and overall concerns of our beloved bulldogs. While at all times maintaining the strictest standards to the humane treatment and rights not only to the bulldog, but to all breeds and non-breeds. This in turn will create great interest and strength amongst our selected companions.


FULL MEMBERSHIP: This membership gives a member full options including the option to vote, hold club positions on the Board or hold a position as an officer of the club. This membership requires referral by two club members in good standing and attendance of two meetings within a four (4) month period. Once approved, dues are $10.00 per year - Monthly Newsletter included.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: This membership is good for members who may not be able to attend our monthly meetings for various reasons (work schedules or live too far) and find that it is not possible to attend meetings, but want to receive the club newsletter and be informed of club happenings. You do have the option to upgrade to a full membership status. With this membership, you may attend meetings if you have a chance, but can not vote on club decisions. Once approved, dues are $10.00 per year.

Download Membership Application (PDF)